Introducing the Fantastic Four in the MCU

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Alliterator’s recent post, Fancasting the Fantastic Four started me thinking about how best to introduce the team to the existing MCU. Should they jump right in with a Fantastic Four film or maybe ease the characters into the franchise through references and cameos?


The introduction of Damage Control, in Spider Man: Homecoming, was a nice piece of world building, that also set the events of the film in motion. It might be better to bring the Future Foundation into the MCU before introducing the team or maybe meet some of the team members before their powers emerge.

“Heroes are made by the paths they choose, not the powers they are graced with.”


Marvel’s focus is generally on the person behind the power. This “soft” introduction helps to eliminate the need for an origin story and introduces the characters, to the audience, as individuals (outside of the FF team dynamic)... something the previous films never really accomplished.

It would be interesting to see Johnny or Johnnie (male or female character) as a contemporary of Peter Parker at MSST (Midtown High School of Science and Technology). Perhaps Reed or Sue could make an appearance as a guest lecturers or be brought in to consult by SHIELD...


BTW, who is in charge of SHIELD, now that Nick Fury and Maria Hill are ash? Is there any oversight? Who is left in the chain of command?

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