This past weeks "Once Upon a Time in the West." was hilarious. I was hoping that Castle would put on a long brown coat at least once during the episode (and give us a firefly Easter Egg) ... no such luck. Though Stana Katic's choice of western duds was a satisfactory consolation prize. Giddy-up.

I'm hoping for something more than it's the Doctor's fault that she keeps popping up in time. With the kickoff (on BBC America anyways) of the television series Orphan Black, I was a fraid of some loose parallel, where Clara would be clones spread throughout time. God I hope not. I'm hoping that her recurring existence is wholly unrelated to the Doctor, possibly even beyond him. To paraphrase the Bard, there are more things in heaven and earth that even the Doctor can understand or be responsible for. We already have Captain Jack as an artificially created cosmic constant, hence his ability to bounc back even from death (can't keep a good man down). Clara being a naturally occuring constant or persistance could be interesting. Even though she dies, she keeps popping up again and again.