I love the idea of a Metal Gear Solid film. 10 minutes of action for every hour of exposition warning about the dangers of nuclear weapons.

» 3/31/15 8:21am Today 8:21am

Hey, remember Real Humans? That brilliant Swedish show about synthetic androids who work as family servants, but who also harbor a dark secret?

» 3/30/15 1:57pm Yesterday 1:57pm

They have no problem with an acid dripping worm thingy, but the mere thought that the wesen can woge from male to female and their suddenly creeped out ... they're reactions are so sad they're laughable. It immediately made me think of Ace Ventura's "Crying Game" scene. » 3/30/15 4:01pm Yesterday 4:01pm

It's a bit frustrating when The Last Man on Earth feels like it has set the emotional reset button with Phil and Todd at the beginning of "Mooovin' In." Phil's not going to dump Todd on the side of the road again, but he is jealous of Todd and how much approval he gets from the ladies.

» 3/30/15 12:13pm Yesterday 12:13pm

2. The Helen

If Helen of Troy was the "face to launch a thousand ships," then the Helen is the amount of beauty required to do so. A millihelen is both a beauty and style blog, and the exact amount of beauty required to launch just one ancient Greek ship.

» 3/30/15 11:32am Yesterday 11:32am

Would these be considered workplace romances? If most of your time is spent on the Watchtower or actively fighting crime, then your opportunities to go out socially or date may be severely curtailed. » 3/28/15 8:06pm Saturday 8:06pm

How many recent (sic) heroic adventure stories actually show the protagonist choose the heroic path? As in, are they deliberately motivated to take action?

» 3/28/15 1:48am Saturday 1:48am

I know it's stepping outside of the genre, but Raymond Reddington is at the top of my list. Charm and charisma hide a cold calculating mind. The government struck a Devil's bargain. Is there any doubt that he is far worse than the blacklisters he feeds to the taskforce or that he profits in some manner from each… » 3/27/15 3:12pm Friday 3:12pm