Do you have the snow storm staples on hand ... milk, eggs and bread? French toast is always good. If you're adventurous, take two slices of french toast spread on peanut butter and a little crumble of bacon (beacause bacon makes everything better). Add a little syrup and eat like a sandwich. » 2/28/15 5:27pm Today 5:27pm

This is one of the most important markers of someone who actually believes in their idea. If you're sure that you're right, you don't want to be a rebel. You want collaborators - and if they're smarter and more popular than you, then all the better. You want a system - the more widely taught, the better. You want…

» 2/27/15 8:38am Yesterday 8:38am

Motion pictures have less time, but many still manage to pull of character development. I liked the Agent Carter mini-series, but it felt a little too unfocused. The series also squandered the backstory that had been established in the Agent Carter short film. » 2/26/15 9:00pm Thursday 9:00pm