The Last Legion ... I so wanted to like this movie, but it made me leave the theater in disgust in the middle of the second act. I had wanted to leave earlier, but the friend I was with asked me to stick it out. "I has to get better," he said. Then they arrived at Spiš Castle ( I think it was a stand in for a roman… » 1/28/15 2:29pm Wednesday 2:29pm

My takeaway was that the original protagonist was so short sighted. You have enough would to build a house. Why not use it to build a bridge or a cantilevered ramp to shorten the distance to the other side? What about jumping across the gap from the roof of the house? No it's better to stay on this side and have a… » 1/28/15 11:13am Wednesday 11:13am

Lets start with the wonderfully: It's possible that the very concept of the Fantastic Four is too goofy for modern audiences. The less serious tone, the family aspect, the lack of coolness — this could be what doomed the first two, most straightforward Fantastic Four movies (no pun intended).

» 1/28/15 10:09am Wednesday 10:09am