Was it reflected green light? Raina seemed worried that in his over excited state the Doctor might change form / transform. I didn't take this to mean Skye's dad would hulk out. Instead of an Inhuman or Kree, maybe he's actually a Skrull. If he loses concentration, he might shift back to his natural form, hence… » 10/22/14 1:18pm Yesterday 1:18pm

Adam's helpful coup de grace made me laugh. It also made me hopeful that we would get a chance to see a death within a death. Henry dies and then pops up in the river, only to run afoul of a boat propeller. Or if it's winter, perhaps he freezes to death or dies of hypothermia before making it back to the antique… » 10/22/14 9:32am Today 9:32am

James, your mention of Catwoman in #3 is exactly why I would have to disagree with making a big deal about a Wonder Woman movie. Overhype can do as much harm as good. Just get the movie made. There will be plenty of time afterward for DC to pat themselves on the back if it does well. » 10/17/14 4:27pm Friday 4:27pm

Voyager would have been a perfect opportunity to 'franchise' the Federation to the Delta Quadrant. Given the distance, making it home would have been a long shot at best, but the senior officers may have agreed to tell the rest of the crew they were setting a coarse for home so that they didn't lose hope. The actual… » 10/17/14 10:30am Friday 10:30am

Out of all the things we wanted to know about the Star Wars universe, did this even make the list? I guess if your playing Star Wars Trivial Pursuit the knowledge might come in handy. Too bad Douglas Adams isn't with us any longer. If you needed a name, he was your go to guy. Next to names like Slartibartfast or… » 10/16/14 12:54pm 10/16/14 12:54pm